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Be Our Guest

Welcome to your "home away from home"

For over 30 years, we have been providing a "home away from home" for critically ill children and their families seeking medical care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center or other local hospitals. We understand that families come to our House exhausted, stressed, fearing the unknown in a new city, and financially drained from mounting medical bills. Our team is here to help.

At our House, we provide many of the amenities of a hotel, at a fraction of the cost. And we provide so much more than a hotel by meeting the unique needs of families working to care for their critically ill children. We surround our families with love and support from our giving volunteers, from our caring staff and from other guest families. We also provide home-cooked meals, weekly activities, indoor and outdoor play areas, laundry facilities, computers and WiFi, and much more, so that families can concentrate on what is most important – their children.   

We welcome any parent, family member or custodial parent responsible for a child's care. Often, once a child is released from the hospital, he or she still requires outpatient medical treatment. As long as a child is receiving medical treatment at least twice a week, the child and his or her family may remain guests at our House.

Visitors are also welcome at our House. We ask visitors to sign in and out of our House at the front desk and to please only visit between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.


Be Our Guest brochure

For more information on what our House provides, how to apply, and other helpful information, please view or download our Be Our Guest brochure in English or Spanish:



What to Expect

If you are preparing to live at our House, our welcome video will help you understand a few House rules and learn more about all that we have to offer: