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Thank you to our 2015 Supporters

HH - Heroes of the House
PN - Permanent Naming    
AF - Adopt a Family    
AR - Adopt a Room         


Harry Brown
Park and Linda Gilmore - PN
Peggy and Marvin Lewis - HH, PN, AF
Bob and Lynn Stenger - HH, PN, AF


Dave and Jenn Bastos
Pam and Gordon Bonfield - PN, AF
Brandon and Kelly Janszen - AR
Kevin and Judy Jenkins - AF
Jeff and Andi Orschell - AF
Margaret S. and Durwood G. Rorie, Jr. Fund* - AF
D. Bruce and Bettina Ross - PN
Rick and Cathie Rothfuss - AR, AF
Michael and Janet Sepela
Jerry and Melinda Stenger - PN, AF
Vanita Weyer - AF

$3,000 - $10,999

Kathryn Al-Lamadani - PN, AF
David and Eva Anderson - AR
Angel Charitable Trust - AF
Bob and Sydney Anning - PN, AF
John and Megan Atkinson - AF
Marilyn and Kenneth Barnes - AF
The Belletti Family - AF
Mark and Gina Berry - AF
Drs. Bienvenido and Mary Lee
Thomas Blaha
Mike and Katie Blankenship - AF
Jack E. Brown - AR
Mike and Ruthie Brunsman in memory of Karen Braun - AR
Ed and Vonnie Butera and Family in memory of Daniel Butera and Asher Rosen - AR
John H. and Jeanne L. Byrnes in memory of Katie Byrnes - AR
Todd and Christin Calaway in memory of Andrew James Calaway - AF
Luis and Estrella Campos - AF
Shad and Jennifer Carnes
The Caserta Family Charitable Fund*
Marion and Robert Cheeseman, Sr. Family - AR
Pam Chidester - AR
Joshua Clay
Barb and Jim Coffaro - AF
Wilbur and Mary Jean Cohen
Audrey Comins
Barbara Culver - AF
Terry and Vicki Davies
Jerry and Mary Jean Esselman - AF
Mrs. Stona J. (Barbara) Fitch - PN, AR
Dan and Beth Flanigan and family - AF
Dr. and Mrs. H.B. Francis - AR
Don and Shirley Freed - PN, AF
Peter Frey
John A. Gavozzi - AF
Family and Friends of Elizabeth Graman - AR
Ernie and Della Green - AF
Joan Hammock
Mike Hauser - AF
Debbie Hayden and family - AR
Bill and Karen Herkamp - AF
Kevin J. and Debbie Hopper - PN
Mike and Lesli Hopping
Trey and Tina Isgrig - AF
Jones Family Fund* - AF
Jon and Leigh Jones - PN, AF
Jason and Daphne Jurgensen
Al and Janice Koncius
Jerry Kroger and Helen Archer - AR
P. Kwiatkowski Family - AF
Lambert and Ruth Lambrinides Foundation Fund* - AR
Dr. George and Kathleen Landon - AF
Dan and Barbara Luciano - AR
Erin and Summer Maley in memory of Ryan - AR
D. Martin Family Fund* - AR
Dr. Paul and Charlotte McEnery - AF
Scott and Robi McIntire - PN, AF
Terry and Lisa McLaughlin - PN
Dr. C. Nelson Melampy
John and Audrey Mericle - AF
Metzger-Sheridan Family Trust in honor of Molly Sheridan Brunner - AF
Lucille and Gene Miller
Michael and Marissa Miller - AF
Dr. Ida Molina-Zinam - AR
Jeff Dillard and Vicki Moore
Don and Anne Murphy - AF
Nathan and Christina Neyra - AF
Mike, Gloria and Paige Noday - AF
Steve and Becky Osborne - AR
Gina Pennington - AF
Drs. John Perentesis and Stella Davies - AF
David and Alison Petrik
Joseph A. and Susan E. Pichler Fund*
Jon and Evon Pitcock
Larry and Melissa Renner - AR
Robert and Marilyn Rhein
Vince and Anne Rinaldi - PN, AF
The Rinear family in honor of Kaitlyn Rinear - AR
The RMP Family Fund
Jacob F. and Luann Scherer
Brad and Jennifer Schneider
Tony and Karen Schweier Family - AF
Tom and Donna Seith - AF
John and Nannette Sherman - AR
Debby Sollenberger
Joe and Amber Sprengard - AF
Ed and Betty Stenger - AF
Tony and Molly Stenger
Studer Family and Friends - AF
Scott and Molly Thomas - AF
Gary D. Thompson
James Tweddell - AF
The Varner Family - AF
Brian, Mary Ann, Jon and Emma Vincent - AF
Margaret and Albert Vontz III Family Fund* - AR
Sara and Michelle Vance Waddell
David and Laura Warren
Hal and Judy Welge - PN, AF
Edward H. and Connie Wernet - AF
Bret Williams - AF
Felicia Williams - PN, AF
Steve and Kathy Wilson - AF
Virginia Wittmer
Craig and Mary Beth Young - AR



*Denotes a fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Estate Gifts in 2015

Estate of Margaret H. Fraser
Louis M. Groen Trust
Estate of Hazel R. Palmer
Estate of Mildred Probst