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Planned Giving

Thank You Pillars of the House

Membership in the Pillars of the House Society is our way of thanking those thoughtful donors who have left a legacy by including Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati in their estate plans. We are eternally grateful for these life-changing gifts, which will benefit future generations of guest families and their children.

All Pillars of the House are lifetime members of the society. They are recognized on our special donor wall in our main living room, saluted regularly in our newsletter and are guests at donor events throughout the year.

If you have already included Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati in a bequest or other planned gift, we hope you will let us know, so that we can express our deep gratitude and appreciation.


Lauren Abel

Bob & Sydney Anning

Anonymous (45)

Mabel Brandenburg*

Gloria Byrd*

Tom & Sandy Catanzaro

Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Cobb*

Tanya Cornejo

Zilpha Curtin*

Robert & Julie Delaney

Emilie Dressler

Steven & Teresa Eklund

Lorie Fanning

Ray Fiedler

Mrs. Stona J. (Barbara) Fitch

Gwenneth O. Foss*

Tuck Fraser*

Marge Gallagher*

Edith C. Geers*  

Jennifer Goodin

Louis M. Groen Trust*

Paul & Linda Groen

Gayle Hauser

William Hueneke*

The Trey & Tina Isgrig Family

James & Joyce Jackson*
in memory of 
Jonathan Thumper Jackson

Robert* & Mary Keefe

Karen & Jim Knight

Algis & Janice Koncius

Joan Kroc*

Betty Laming*

Cleo L. Leitner*

Dr. Leonard & Karen Lind

Sue Marshall & Ken Cook

Bill G. & Meredith* McBeath


Scott & Robi McIntire

Kinny & Kathi McQuade

Sula Jones Mercer*

Karen Miller-Hand

Lucille Miller

John Milner, Sr.*

Tracy L. Monroe

Tim & Jenny Nolan and Family

Martha Northcutt*

Hazel Palmer*

Evona Evatine* & James William Reed*

Marilyn & Bob Rhein

Raymond H. Ruff*

Dr. Frederick & Susan Ryckman

Robert & Dell Ann Sathe

Miss Mary Louise Schroth*

Jovita E. Schurrer*

Richard M. & Joanne M. Schwartz

Mike & Monique Sewell

Susan E. Sewell

Mary Ann Spellmire*

Barbara M. Stern

Holly Templeton

Gary & Joan* Thompson

Anita Threet

Paul & Judith Tudor

Sara M. & Michelle Vance Waddell

James S.* & Karen B. Wachs

Vanita Weyer in memory of Frida Weyer

William D. Whalen*

Franklin H. White

Felicia Williams

Pamela & Jerry Pate Williams

James & Linda Wood

Kay J. Woodward*

Terry & Shirley Wuske



Listing as of July 2016