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Provide a Snack for Our Guest Families

If cooking a big meal is a bit much for you, how about a snack?  It's perfect opportunity for smaller groups or indviduals.  Your support in providing extra treats ‑ or supplementing our meals ‑ is a big help to us while we care for our guest families. 

Snack Time

With our Snack Time program you have two hours in our kitchen to prepare sweet treats, healthy snacks or even small meals -- the choice is yours! 

Download the Snack Time guidelines here.


Ice Cream Social

Who wouldn't enjoy a nice bowl of ice cream at the end of a long and stressful day?  Ice Cream Socials provide a chance for our guests to enjoy some “down time” and to socialize with other families going through similar difficulties. Plus, they're a great way for smaller groups to help out!

Download the Ice Cream Social guidelines here.


Pretzel Bar

Sometimes it's just too cold out to enjoy ice cream, so how about trying a Pretzel Bar instead?  Warm, soft pretzels are a great comfort food on a chilly evening and always a great treat!

Download the Pretzel Bar guidelines here.


Takeaway Bags

Your gift of an on-the-go meal or snack enables mom and dad to stay close to their hospitalized child rather than have to run out to a vending machine or hospital cafeteria.  The Take Away Program is an ideal activity for youth/teen groups or larger groups of all ages.  Bags can be prepared in your own setting and dropped off at our House anytime.  

Download the Takeaway Bag guidelines here.