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Austin Paquin

Austin Paquin

Austin was born with Down syndrome and Hirschprung’s disease, a condition in which the large intestine doesn’t function properly. He spent the first six weeks of his life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and had his first surgery when he was three months old.

He continued working with his doctors in New York, but soon began to develop more health problems. The nerves in his bladder weren’t functioning properly, and he had to undergo numerous surgeries. Despite continued efforts, Austin still struggled with multiple health concerns, and his doctors thought it best for him to seek treatment in Cincinnati.   

Austin and his family have travelled to Cincinnati for treatment many times over the past few years. And throughout their visits, our House has become their “home away from home.” The Paquin family has lived with us on five separate occasions, and they are grateful for the support that has helped them through their long medical journey. As his mother, Christine, said:

Cincinnati’s Ronald McDonald House truly feels like home. We’ve made friends we’ll have for life here, and it’s been extremely helpful in Austin’s recovery.  For me, I’ve learned so much about his condition and found so much support from the other parents living here.  And for Austin, he’s made great friends and really had a lot of fun on the playground, watching puppet shows, and enjoying all the other activities at the House.

Now, six years old, Austin has endured over 60 surgeries. But with the help of his doctors in Cincinnati, and the love and support they found at our House, the Paquin family has finally found some solutions, and Austin has finally found some relief from his health concerns.  After living at our House for the past two months, Austin is finally well enough to go home to New York today.