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Will Lackey

Will Lackey

When Will was born, his liver wasn’t functioning properly and waste was building up in his body. Doctors soon diagnosed him with Alagille syndrome. His skin was turning yellow, and it became so itchy that he would scratch until he bled. His cholesterol was very high, causing bumps all over his body.

But when Will was five years old, his doctors found a way for his body to get rid of the waste his liver couldn’t process, and he started doing really well. Although his parents feared other children would make fun of the bag constantly attached to him, Will’s schoolmates embraced his uniqueness with open arms. Things were going well until July 2015 when he began swelling up, vomiting, and running a high fever. The Lackey family looked to Cincinnati for answers, and doctors decided the only solution was a liver transplant. 

Will and his parents, Cheryl and Michael, lived at our House while they continued to work with his doctors and waited for a match that soon came. The day after his transplant, doctors rushed Will back into surgery due to complications. But within a few days, he was feeling much better and was able to start sitting up and playing his video games. Today, Will is recovering in the hospital while his parents continue to live at our House. Cheryl says:

We can’t say enough about all the ways the House has helped us through this journey. Without the House, we never could have afforded to stay in Cincinnati, and we would have been forced to make the daily two-and-a-half hour commute. But now, we can walk across the street to get Will the care he needs. And, living at the House, he can still be a kid sometimes, too. Honestly, I don’t think he wants to go home; he just wants to play in the game room, play with the therapy dogs, and have fun at the House.