Guests of our guests.

Visitors are welcome in our House! Please read below for important information.

Guest families may have limited day visitors. These visitors are welcome between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM, but must sign in and out at the front desk. All visitors must be friends or family members of current guest families. We are unable to serve day visitors from the hospital.

The children living at Ronald McDonald House are medically fragile and highly susceptible to infections. Any person who has a physical condition that would endanger the health of our other guests, such as a cold or flu, chickenpox, etc., may not visit Ronald McDonald House.

Day visitors will not be permitted in meal time due to the amount of food prepared for families in our House.

All day visitors must follow RMH rules and guidelines while on our property. Frequent day visitors will be asked to complete a background check form.

Anyone outside the immediate family, such as an aunt, uncle or grandparent, must be helping to serve as support for the family and must be approved by RMHC management.

RMHC conducts a formal criminal background check on all individuals applying for temporary residence.

A background check authorization must be received from each individual applying to stay at least 2 business days prior to their arrival.

Guest families must discuss room occupancy with a House Manager prior to having overnight guests.

Submit Background Check Forms here.