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Request A Short-Term Room

Due to our long waiting list, it can be difficult to get a room at our House for families who only need to stay for a few days. To assist these families, we have reserved several rooms in our House exclusively for guests staying four nights or less. These short-term rooms may be booked no earlier than thirty days in advance of your appointment date.

To book a short-term room, please choose one of the following options:

If you stayed in our House in 2015 or later, click “Book Online Now” to book a short-term room online. After completing the process, you will receive an email confirmation with important information.

If you have never stayed with us or have not stayed since 2015, our system will consider you a new family.  To submit an application, click below and then call 513.636.2304 to speak with our staff.

For questions, please contact our Short-Term Room Coordinators at 513.636.2304 or by email: shorttermrooms@rmhouse.org