Take Away Bags

Three ways to help our families from your home!

Families living in our House spend long days at the hospital or in their room at our House while their sick children heal. Takeaway bags, travel kits and craft packs provide them with three things they need: food at their fingertips, items they need and entertainment. These programs are ideal activities for youth/teen groups or larger groups of all ages. If you are looking for community service hours, participating in one of these three programs is a great way to earn up to four hours!

Take Away Bags

Your gift of an on-the-go meal or snack will help give families the energy they need to face a long day of appointments at the hospital.

Travel Kits

Families living in our House have traveled far from home and you can provide them with the essential travel items necessary for their stay.

Craft Packs

Put together all of the items needed for families to create a craft on long days in the hospital or while their children must stay in isolation in their room at our House.