Thank You for Giving our Families Holidays to Remember

At Ronald McDonald House of Greater Cincinnati, the holidays bring a new set of challenges for parents already facing so much. On top of spending every moment and dollar on their critically ill child, the holidays mean trying to find the time, resources and energy to shop. With most guest families hundreds of miles from family and friends, the family traditions they may cherish will have to be different. And then of course there are the children asking the most important question of all: “Will Santa be able to find me when I’m so far from home?”

Thanks to your generosity, we’re happy to say the answer to that question is “Yes!” From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, our staff, volunteers and you, our thousands of generous supporters, came together to show our families the true spirit of the holiday season. Our Taste of Hope meal groups prepared incredible meals. Activity groups entertained families with singing, games and other special treats. There were always delicious holiday treats on hand thanks to a steady stream of amazing bakers who joined us for snack time. And the toys that were donated meant that 78 moms and dads didn’t have to choose between paying a medical bill and giving their child a memorable Christmas. Santa wrapped those toys and brought them to the children on Christmas Eve, even going directly to the rooms of the children who were too sick to join the others downstairs.

Thank you to everyone who helped support the holidays at our House. Although the time of year can be challenging in many ways, your support brought joy and comfort to families from around the world.