More Rooms, More Love is the combined campaign that will expand our House from 78 rooms to 177!

By constructing a six-story tower on our existing property, we will keep families close to the medical care they desperately need and surround them with dedicated staff, caring volunteers and other families to support them through the complex journey of caring for a sick child… a journey that no parent wants to walk, especially alone.

The More Rooms, More Love campaign goal is $50 million.

This will fund construction of the new tower as well as much-needed renovations to our current House. It will help support the first four years of additional operating expenses.

Expansion highlights include:

Our expansion will feature the addition of 107 bedrooms, including 16 suites designed to accommodate larger families.

Laundry rooms on every floor.

Modifications to our West Wing which will dedicate restricted spaces for children whose medical needs require them to be in isolation with their families.

New kitchen and dining spaces will help our Taste of Hope meal program grow as we more than double the number of families we serve.

Dining room rendering of families at tables

Common spaces will allow children to interact and have fun while parents bond over their shared hopes and concerns.

common space rendering of families gathering together





Common spaces will allow children to interact and have fun while parents bond over their shared hopes and concerns.

A rooftop space will offer beautiful views for families to soak in some fresh air after a long day at the hospital.

rooftop garden with families interacting

Take an inside look at the floor plans for our new tower. Each floor will provide families with private spaces as well as opportunities to gather with other families.

Floor 1

Floors 2, 3 and 6

Floors 4 and 5


With the addition of a six-story tower, we will be able to double the number of families we help every year.

Watch the magic unfold through our live webcam!

little boy looking out a window at construction

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Join us as we undertake the most ambitious fundraising campaign in the history of our House.

Our Vision

Saying “yes” to more families when they need us.

Hear From Them

Hear from our families and learn how, with your help, we can provide more rooms for more families in need.

Email msteed@rmhouse.org or call 513-636-9679 for more information!