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Naming Opportunities

Our House would not be able to support thousands of families without the generous support of others. For thousands of families with sick children who travel to Cincinnati for critical medical care, there is no “plan” when they arrive. They often leave their homes to travel across the city, state or even country to a place they have more than likely never been to before with a sick child. When these families arrive in Cincinnati, we welcome them with open arms and provide shelter, food and support when they need it most. With your help, we will have more rooms to provide more love to more families in need. The following naming opportunities are available and will help us build much-needed new spaces for our families:

Expansion Wing – Reserved

“When we walk through those doors, it feels like coming home. We see families in the kitchen, children smiling, hear language from all over the world and open the doors to a very clean and comfortable room. To the donors of this House, if you ever wondered if what you do is making a difference, let me assure you it has been life-changing for us.”

Four moms and one daughter saying goodbye in front of a van

Main Living Room – Available

Main Dining Room – Reserved 

“Staying in the House was life-changing for us. Lola’s favorite part of the House has to be the living room. There, she met some of the most amazing families, staff and volunteers—she loves them all. She always wanted to be there so she could have people to talk to.”

Young girl up close wearing a face mask

Taste of Hope Kitchen – Reserved 

Reception – Reserved 

Rooftop Terrace – Available

“I have tremendous appreciation for all the groups of volunteers who have come in to prepare us meals. The food has always been delicious, and I’ve appreciated the variety and all the healthy options. I have definitely eaten better here than I ever would have at home. It’s also clear from the comradery of the groups that they enjoy the experience of coming to the House as well, and that’s just a nice thing to witness over and over again.”

Young boy with an oven mitt in the kitchen with a chef

Main Entrance Drive – Available

Dining Patio – Available

Multi-Purpose Room – Available

Playground – Reserved

“I wish words could describe the feeling of walking into the House as a guest. You are completely heartbroken that you have to be there in that sort of position and in complete awe of just everything and everyone. I would not have been able to do this at all – the House saved us!”

A mother looking at her daughter and smiling

Rooftop Community Room – Available

“I don’t know what we would have done if it wasn’t for this House. It is a safe haven from the storms that life has thrown our way. Meeting other families who are going through similar issues has been a blessing. We have people to talk to who understand.”

A father holding his daughter outside and smiling

Expansion Wing Bedroom Floors (5) – 4 Available

North Dining Room – Available

Active Play Room – Reserved

“If not for this House, we would have been living out of the car and hospital room. We are so grateful to have a home where we have made crafts with other families and been kept busy with the wonderful things you offer. I will forever be grateful.”

Family of four standing outside of a room door

Fitness Room – Available

Volunteer Break Room – Available

Playroom (2)- Reserved

Arts and Craft Room – Available

Game Room – Reserved

“Balloon animals, puppet shows, string quartets, late night snacks and plenty of smiles…it all makes going through some of the most difficult times of your life easier, and we could not be more grateful.”

Younger boy painting with shaving cream

Guest Family Kitchen  – Reserved

Outdoor Pet Space – Reserved

Sunroom – Reserved

“It is hard to be so far away from home so often, but seeing the familiar faces of the staff and volunteers helps immensely. There is always someone to talk to when times are tough, but also solitude in the library or meditation room when we need that. We miss our dogs while we are away, but the therapy dogs that come are a tremendous comfort.”

Young girl hugging a golden retriever dog

Large Guest Bedroom Suites (16) – 3 Reserved

Toy Closet – Reserved

Guest Elevators (3) – 2 Reserved

Development/Marketing Communication Offices – Reserved

Burnet Porch – Reserved

“This House is incredible. We were able to pass many months of bedrest with so much less stress because we were here. The House made it possible for our unborn daughter to have the surgery she needed to save her life. Thank you for the room and for everything.”

Young boy in a wheelchair holding a play guitar

Family Lounges (5) – 3 Reserved

Guest Check-In Room – Reserved

North Dining Patio – Reserved

Service Bar – Reserved

Grab & Go Station – Available

Coffee Bar – Available

“This House is what my son looks forward to when we travel to Cincinnati for treatments. It has seen us through the very worst and now, after this last visit, the very best. Thank you for making it possible for us to care for our son and keep our family together.”

Young girl sitting on her mom's lap as they read a book

Guest Bedrooms (83) – 25 Reserved

Maintenance Workshop – Reserved

“It takes us eight to ten hours to get to Cincinnati but when we arrive at the House, our stress level drops in half. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have a room in your House. Your life changes when you walk through your doors.”

Young girl smiling in her bed

Guest Laundry Rooms (6) – Reserved

Guest Mailbox Station – Reserved

Guest Storage – Reserved 

Gift Shoppe – Reserved

Conference Rooms (3) – Reserved

Public Restrooms (4) – 1 Reserved

Rooftop Restrooms (2) – 1 Reserved

Chef’s Office – Reserved

“It is truly a blessing that you provide us with all of the necessities and MORE! From laundry detergent to shampoo, you have thought of everything. We are thankful to have a ‘home away from home’ and friends who have become family.”

Three girls watching television together

Young boy smiling close up

View more information about our $20,000 – $5,000 special gift opportunities here.

Email or call 513-636-9679 for more information!