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Saying “yes” when they need us.

Our vision is to create a House large enough to care for families right when they need us.

Not, “We’re sorry, we won’t be able to help you.”

Not, “Unfortunately it will take a few weeks to get a room.”

Just, “Yes, when can you be here?”

Expanding our House from 78 rooms to 177 rooms will be life-changing for the families that need us. It will:

  • Double the amount of families we serve each year.
  • More than double the nights of care we provide each year.
  • Eliminate our current wait list.

You can help us tell them YES!

By supporting More Rooms, More Love, you will help lessen the tears and stress families encounter when they learn they have nowhere to stay.

Support us, learn more about our project, or read about families we serve:

Support Us

Join us as we undertake the most ambitious fundraising campaign in the history of our House.

About Our Project

From architectural sketches to a live construction webcam, get an inside look at our project!

Hear From Them

Hear from our families and learn how, with your help, we can provide more rooms for more families in need.

Email or call 513-636-9679 for more information!