Our Healthy House Project

At our House, providing a safe and clean environment is critical so that children with weakened immune systems can feel comfortable enjoying any space in our House. Our Healthy House Project focuses on making physical improvements to our House so that our guest families have the best possible living arrangements to rest and be together. The project includes replacing carpet with vinyl flooring, providing a more hygienic surface. We are also upgrading our security system to ensure the safety of families, staff and volunteers in and around our property. The cedar shakes on our roof are also being replaced with a lower-maintenance shake that can withstand higher winds and better resist moisture and fungus. To help us complete projects like this, we rely on the support of our generous community. The Healthy House Project is financially assisted by the following generous foundations:

The H.B., E.W. and F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation, Fifth Third Bank and Narley L. Haley, Co-Trustees

The Spaulding Foundation

Ohio Valley Foundation

The Frank J. and Jacqueline Dawson Kloenne Foundation

The Louise Taft Semple Foundation

We are grateful for their support of this initiative that will provide parents with peace of mind that their child is in a clean, safe environment.