Our rock garden ROCKS!

It’s the little things that help families living with us call our House their home. As spring blazed into summer this year, we began noticing little painted rocks appearing around the hallways and common spaces. These weren’t just ordinary rocks. They were painted with cute designs and inspirational messages. Then, a note appeared. An anonymous family explained that this was something they wanted to do to bring fun to the other families living with us and inviting them to join in on the fun. Soon, our House was overflowing with rocks!

At the same time the rock hiding began, our wonderful volunteer, Linda, began overhauling our landscaping. We decided to create a rock garden for families to place their rocks for all to see or for kids to bring the rocks they find hidden to share with everyone. The goal: to create a place where a little bit of humor and a whole lot of hope could come together. To help fill our garden, Linda hosted a rock painting activity. Families, volunteers, staff and even our friends from the Cincinnati Police Department got in on the fun. We are proud to announce that our rock garden is overflowing with inspiration! We invite families to continue creating rocks with supplies in our craft room. If they happen to see a rock that really “rocks” their day, we invite them to keep it.

This simple rock garden is filled with the hopes, dreams and creativity from the families living with us. We invite you to take a look at how our rock garden evolved over time and be inspired by how much the “little things” make a big difference.