Selah and Shylah

Image of twin baby girls conjoined at the stomach and chest

Misty Oglesby was thrilled to discover that she was expecting twin girls during her first pregnancy! However, the excitement was cut short when doctors shared the terrifying news that the girls were conjoined. Misty and her husband, Curtis, were told that their best chance for saving the lives of their unborn twins would be to leave home in Laurel, Indiana for expert care at Cincinnati Children’s. Without hesitation, they headed for Cincinnati. They knew they were in for many, many months of stress, fear and endless emotions, but where would they stay? How would they afford it? What would they eat? These questions and more were relieved when they received a call from our House.

After checking in to the House, Misty and Curtis were able to focus on bringing their twins into the world and helping them through the fight of their lives. Finally, the day came and the girls were successfully delivered. The next step was separation, which also went extremely well. While they healed, Misty and Curtis were able to care for Selah and Shylah in their room in our House. It was their first official “home” outside of the hospital.

After 462 nights with us, the Oglesby family checked out. After their 15 month stay, they come back periodically for visits and check-ups. From the meals they received to the friendships they formed with staff, volunteers and other families, the Oglesby family wants you to know how much they appreciate the support they received then, and even now.

“We were at the Ronald McDonald House for 15 months. We can’t express how grateful we are for the House being here. When it’s hard to know what you’re doing from day to day at the hospital, to be able to come back for a hot meal and a bed to sleep, it’s a blessing. We appreciate all of the donations that go toward the House for all it does for families like ours.” – Curtis Oglesby

On behalf of the Oglesby family and thousands of families like theirs, thank you for making our House possible.

Mother, son, father and twin girls smiling in formal attire in front of a floral backdrop