Big brother posing with baby brother who is in hospital with tubes.

‘Tis the season of hope, love and family. We aim to make these possible all year long for sick children like Theo. Recently, his family held a fundraiser on Facebook to honor our House on Giving Tuesday. Theo’s grandma, Michelle, wants you to know why. Read her heartfelt message here.

“Theo was diagnosed with dextro – transposition of the great arteries and an atrial septal defect when my daughter was 24 weeks pregnant. This was the beginning. We live in West Virginia but he was going to need to be born in a hospital in Cincinnati so he could immediately be taken to Cincinnati Children’s where he would have surgery to correct this heart defect. My daughter had to move far from home when she was 36 weeks pregnant.

Theo was born on the 10th of July and a few hours later moved to Cincinnati Children’s. His mom was released on the 11th of July and moved into the Ronald McDonald House. It was a very stressful and exhausting time. It was wonderful to be able to walk across the street to eat and sleep. Her husband and I took turns staying with her and bringing her older son to visit. She showered, ate and went to the hospital, came back for lunch sometimes, then dinner, hospital and around 9 p.m. back to RMH to bed. She repeated this routine for almost three weeks. The meals were wonderful, as were the volunteers and the donated gifts. Theo received at least three beautiful quilts and several handmade blankets we cherish from our time there. This was truly a blessing to be able to stay there when we already had so much on our plates. I’m so thankful we didn’t need to worry about a safe place to stay or paying for meals.

Our family stayed July 11-31, 2018. This is our second fundraiser for the RMH in 2018. The first was July 19th and we raised $375. Our goal for this one $695. We plan to try and give back whenever we can. We are forever grateful!”

-Michelle, Theo’s grandmother

On behalf of our House and thousands of families like Theo’s, thank you for giving them the comforts of home when they need it most.

Big brother and sister giving baby brother a kiss on each cheek.