“We’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Trish and John have heard these words from doctors more times than they can count about their son Wesley’s condition. Growing up in Boston, Wesley was constantly sick. Thinking the cold air and older home they were living was part of the problem, the Wadmans moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina when he was six years old. Wesley began seeing doctors at Duke University Hospital who diagnosed him with a rare genetic mutation that causes his immune system to be deficient. His body often can’t fight off even the simplest of bacteria.

Doctors prepared Wesley and his family for the fact that a bone marrow transplant was the only way to fight this condition. When they began to research what hospital they could most trust with this delicate process, all signs pointed to Cincinnati Children’s. Wesley’s parents connected with doctors there and on June 8, 2017, Wesley received his new bone marrow cells.

When they decided to have Wesley treated in Cincinnati, Trish and John had no idea where they would stay during the months-long process of Wesley’s bone marrow transplant and recovery, but they knew they needed to be by his side the whole time. Fortunately, the hospital told Trish about Ronald McDonald House, and the day they left for Cincinnati, she received a phone call that a room had opened up here for their family. Instead of sleeping in a chair in the hospital room or in a hotel miles away, they would have a room of their own just steps from the hospital, in a House that would help see them through the challenging days ahead.

As Wesley recovered from the transplant, his parents didn’t have to worry about anything but his care.
“This House takes care of business for you. There are huge parts of our lives that you just don’t have to worry about while you’re here,” said Trish. “We are so appreciate of the meals. There are always healthy options like the salad bar, the vegetables, the protein – it’s all very impressive. And the groups that come in and take time away from their jobs or families and those that provide funding for this- it’s just amazing.”

Finally, after six long months, Wesley and his parents received the good news that Wesley was strong enough to go home. They will be back in Cincinnati for follow up appointments and will stay in our House for shorter stays.

When you give a gift to Cincinnati’s Ronald McDonald House, you help us support family’s like Wesley’s, who had to be hundreds of miles from home for 186 nights. Because of your support, we took away life’s everyday stressors so that Trish and John could focus on what mattered most: their critically ill child. Thank you.