Smiles for Summer Camp!

Summer is a time for children to relax, take a break from the routine school day to be kids again.  While that’s true for typical children, for patients living in our House, there is no break from their reality of being sick. While their children are being treated next door at Cincinnati Children’s, 78 families from around the world live in our House. During a time of year when kids are exploring and making summer memories, we try to provide children in our House with a unique experience that will bring fun when they need it most.

Part of a normal summer are the much-loved summer camps that children attend. Guess what? We have those here! Every week of the summer, June through August, we have a different theme for summer camp and the kids are LOVING IT! For an hour and a half each day, our kids leap into a world filled with crafts, games and endless fun with kids they meet who are just like them. From making astronaut helmets to jellyfish hats, each week is filled with creative ways of learning and exploration for children living in our House. Take a look at just some of the fun we have been having and be sure to notice their smiles:

  • You need animal puppets for an animal puppet show!
  • Beware of the jellyfish!
  • Ready for blast off!
  • Going on Safari!
  • Outer Space Camp crafting!
  • Under the sea games!
  • So much paint!
  • Animal Camp - Lead Explorer!
  • Mixing colors to create even brighter colors!