Thank you for providing a Taste of Hope to our critically ill children and their families. Please use the secure form below to support our Taste of Hope program.

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  1. Weekday lunch (served at Noon, $250)
  2. Weekend brunch (served at 10:00 a.m., $400)
  3. All dinners (served at 6:00 p.m., $400)

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Please provide a credit card or electronic check to reserve your meal date. Please note: we will process your payment one week prior to your meal date. We will email your tax receipt for your meal donation to the email you provided while booking your meal.

If other members of your group are contributing towards the donation form and would like and individual tax receipt, please complete the Tax Receipts for Individuals form and email it to prior to your scheduled meal date. Please email us or call (513) 636.2760 with any questions. Thank you!

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Your gift will be processed immediately using the financial information provided above, and it will be a separate transaction from your generous donation to cover the cost of food and meal preparation for our critically ill children and their families.