Keeping Families Close

RMHC gives a family with a sick child what they need most — each other.

Cincinnati’s Ronald McDonald House provides a home for critically ill children and their families while they get the life-saving medical care they need.



How You Can Support Our Families Today

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You will be making a difference.

When your child is sick, your family is sick.

Our House strives to take away the everyday stressors and worries so that a family can focus on what matters most: their critically ill child.

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Harrison and Laney family

Families from all around the world live in our House. They have traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to get the best care for their child.

For weeks or months- or even years- they will call Cincinnati home.

We rely on the Cincinnati community to provide our families the love and support they need when they are so far from home.

Your gift will help families when it matters most.

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Why We’re Here

Waylon Moler

The birth of Summer’s first child was not easy. Waylon spent the first 23 days of his life in the NICU, but thanks to our House, Summer was just steps away in a room at our House, allowing her to right by his side. Read More.

Ash Holder

Ash is about to turn 10. His family has lived at our House multiple times. “Our family loves the Ronald McDonald House because when we are there, we feel part of a bigger family.” Read More.

darcy wheelchair

A single dose of the medicine that Darcy needs costs as much as a small house. Having the Ronald McDonald House allows Darcy’s family to not have to worry about paying for a hotel or food while they get their daughter the care she needs. Read more.

With your support, every family can get the support they need when their child is sick.