Regular Rooms

We welcome families in need of a longer stay into a regular room.

Our regular rooms are for families who will be in Cincinnati for longer than four nights. You may apply for a regular room up to 30 days prior to your scheduled appointment at Cincinnati Children’s or other qualifying area hospitals. After all forms are received and processed, we will call to verify. Please note: Submitting an application does not guarantee that you have a room.

We regularly run a waitlist for our regular rooms. We work to fill rooms as quickly as possible but due to the wide variety of conditions and treatment plans our guest families are facing, we cannot provide exact availability for a room.

When a family is placed in a room, they will be eligible to stay in that room for up to two years as long as criteria to stay in our House is being met.

Request a Regular Room

Everything you need to fill out your application.

Background Checks

Fill out your background check form.

Check-in Forms

Here are the forms you need to complete before your stay.

Hospital Staff Request

Hospital staff may fill out forms on behalf of a family.