Short-Term Rooms

Book a stay in our House for up to four nights a month before your visit.

The short-term stay rooms can be booked for 1, 2, 3 or 4 nights, depending on availability. These rooms can be booked 30 days in advance of your appointment date. Families who have reserved a short-term room are not eligible to be on our waiting list for a regular stay room until after they have checked out of their short-term room. Check out time for a short-term room is prior to 10 a.m. Families are limited to two separate stays per month in the short-term rooms. Each stay needs to be a different visit to Cincinnati. Families will need to complete the online application form for each request to stay.

Important Update: Due to the pandemic, our Short-Term Room Program has been temporarily suspended. It will be several weeks or possibly months before we will resume booking these rooms. We encourage you to submit a request to stay, so that when booking resumes, we will be able to call and notify you of our availability. Please feel free to check this page for updates. We look forward to serving your family again as soon as possible.

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Check-in Forms

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