“Being so far from home for so long while dealing with a sick child is incredibly tough. Ronald McDonald House made this possible for us and we are forever thankful.” -Cara, Asher’s mom

Asher’s mom, Cara, took time to share about her son, Asher, and how having our House helped him get the care he needed:

“Cincinnati Children’s is the closest hospital with pediatric motility resources, testing and specialists. Asher’s GI issues are rare and we have been to two different hospitals seeking management. After a ton of research and speaking to other parents/physicians, Cincinnati Children’s was recommended as one of the top hospitals with GI and Motility specialty which is exactly what he needed. When Asher’s pain and issues becam extreme and unmanageable, we put life at home on hold, packed up our lives, and made the 12 hour trip to get here.

When doing my research about the hospital, I read facts about the Ronald McDonald House being the largest in the country. I’ve learned there are patients world-wide that come to CCH and sometimes are admitted for a very long time.  The social workers at the hospital also provided me information to apply for a room.

Anytime your child is admitted it can create a financial burden, especially when you are hours from home. The Ronald McDonald House has provided a quiet space to rest and recoup from the day you might have had at the hospital and/or the next day you have at the hospital. I honestly resumed my everyday life in a temporary home. I am able to continue working out in the gym here, do my laundry, cook my own meals etc.

The families who stay at RMH, whether for a short period of time or it being their temporary home, are real people, just like you, experiencing real things from lengthy admissions, life-changing diagnosis, important tests, to follow-up appointments. It is unimaginably tough to be far from home and everything that you are familiar going through times like these with lack of support. YOUR donation gives us a quiet and comforting place to lay our head and process. Your donation gives us a warm meal, friendships, entertainment and whatever else we could possibly need to conquer what we are facing. RMH has made my sons admission less of a financial, physical and emotional burden on my family. We will forever thankful for the opportunity to stay at here at such a hard time for my family. They take care of everything so I can  focus on my son and his needs without having to worry where I will lay my head or how I can afford to eat and take care of myself. I would encourage everyone to donate to RMHC as it truly makes a difference.

Words will never describe how thankful we are for the House. You will forever be a part of our lives. Thank you for taking care of us at this hard time in our life.”

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