Bridger and family

“We started coming to Cincinnati for medical care around the time my 13-year-old, Zoey, was two years old and we had to go to a GI doctor. We then came every year for regular care and surgeries for her in GI and colorectal surgery.

My 15-year-old daughter, Emma, started getting care in several different departments since my other child was receiving treatments. Then, Bridger was born in January 2023 and from day one started having complications and many medical problems, we knew Cincinnati Children’s was the place we wanted to be for his care. He started with just one specialist but now sees thirteen, and they have provided many answers and support to our family.

We heard about Ronald McDonald House from a friend who we met on our foster/adoption journey way back like 12 years ago. We love that we can be so close to the hospital and love how family-oriented it is here. When my teens were little, they used to get very excited about going to their doctors in Cincinnati because they knew we would stay at Ronald McDonald House, and they LOVED IT!

For me, it is also so nice to not have to lug so much medical supplies and equipment back and forth from hotel to hotel or from home to hospital etc. We love that the House provides meals and that helps too, especially as a single mama.

This House has helped me form a wonderful network of friends and “family” that I do not have back home. Ronald McDonald House is truly our “home away from home.”

By your generous giving, you help a single mama have a safe place to come home to and to take that stress and worry and make it easier to handle. You also make it so that we can save money financially by being able to stay in the house and less on the roads back and forth and hotels and food costs. Thank you so much!”


Amy, Emma, Zoey, and Bridger