Kyanne and Logan were thrilled to be expecting a baby boy! However, their excitement was met with concern when Dane was born at 35 weeks. He was struggling and needed to be in the NICU for a month. When they were finally able to take Dane home, he left the hospital with issues that led doctors to believe he was suffering from a genetic condition. Kyanne and Logan searched for a hospital that could best care for Dane. They found it in Cincinnati, three hours from their home in Bluffton, IN.

“When we came to Cincinnati for his first appointment, he choked three times in front of the doctor and she took us to the emergency room. She said we were going to get to the bottom of this.

We spent a month inpatient as we were getting testing done. The testing revealed that Dane had severe obstructive sleep apnea, severe tracheobronchomalacia and his airway was completely collapsing. We also discovered Dane had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. When the genetic results came back, it showed that Dane has a very rare syndrome called Costello syndrome. With all of this, it was decided that Dane needed a trach and vent.”

While Dane was recovering, his parents spent many weeks watching their baby fight for his life. During those long days and hard nights, they sought comfort in their room in our House, just steps away from the hospital.

“The Ronald McDonald House has been the biggest blessing! Being three hours from home and sleeping in Dane’s hospital room for the first six weeks was very rough. I am so thankful for everything the Ronald McDonald House offers. As hard as living at the hospital for the last three months has been, the House has most definitely made it more bearable.

Dane has taught us so much more than we could ever teach him. Dane has helped me find joy in the journey and I now have a whole new perspective on life. The love, support, and encouragement from the staff at the hospital and Ronald McDonald House have helped me through the hardest few months of my life and for that I am so thankful!”

Thank you for giving Kyanne and Logan the comfort and support they needed so they could focus on taking their baby boy HOME!