Wish List

Donate items to help stock our House with items we need most.

Wish list drives are a great way to get family, friends, coworkers and communities involved! Due to the immune-compromised situation of our guest children, we are only able to take new and unopened items. Thank you for understanding.

Our Amazon wish list is always up-to-date with the items we need most including snacks, toys, toiletry items, craft items and household items. You can order items to send directly to our House from Amazon, or use this list as a resource when collecting items to deliver to our House.

In addition to the items below, we are in need of snacks options that are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, low-FODMOP (fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols), etc. We have added some to our Amazon list but are grateful for any snacks that fit into these categories. Thank you for helping us meet the needs of our guest families!


Top Five Items:

Individually packaged snacks. *Very low!
Travel-size toiletries (shampoo, body wash, deodorant, etc.) *Very low!
$15-25 gift cards for teenagers (Amazon, Target, Xbox, etc.)
13-gallon trash bags
Individual pump hand soaps


Amazon Wish List

To view more items we currently need, check our Amazon Wish List and shop from your home!

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Dropping Off Donations

We accept donations from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily. Click here for additional information.

Donation Delivery

Our families would also appreciate gift cards for gas, Cincinnati Children’s meal cards (call 513-636-5009 to order) and McDonald’s. Our teens would love gaming gift cards. Thank you for considering supporting our House in this way!