Coffee Station

Fill our coffee station:

Collect Keurig pods of all varieties to keep our families going! Visit our House any day between 9 AM and 9 PM to deliver your items. If you would like a tour when you visit, please call 513.559.4600 to set this up before you arrive.

Some suggestions include:

Light roast blends

Medium roast blends

Dark roast blends

Decaf blends

Flavored roast blends

Hot Chocolate varieties

Hot Tea varieties

Chai Tea latte, etc.


Please note that if we receive an abundance of items in a short period, we will share them with other nonprofits who support people in need. This ensures your donations are used in a timely manner by those who need them most.

For questions, please call 513.559.4633 and ask to speak with a member of our Food and Fun team or email them at