Our House is a place of inclusion and belonging for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

The Ronald McDonald House is a community of compassion, support, and provides comfort and a sense of home for families with critically ill children. This program and resources on this page, are intended to benefit our families further by creating an environment that is as welcoming, inclusive, and accessible as possible.

We have partnered with our friends at Cincinnati Children’s to create this program and to train our staff and volunteers, so we can assist any family that comes through our doors. See below for resources we hope you find helpful! Please note: There are some parts of the House that can be over-stimulating due to brightness, sound, smells and small crowds. All of these places can be avoided and pointed out on a tour of the facility if needed.


Social Narrative

Simple stories that show and go over every part of the House.

Visual Supports

Simple checklists for checking in/out. Blank one for customization.


We appreciate your help improving your experience at the House.

Sensory Bags

Please stop by the Welcome Desk or call with any questions. Sensory bags are COMING SOON!