Kyle’s family wrote about what he’s been going through since being diagnosed with cancer. His journey has been long and difficult, but they are getting the best medical care for him in Cincinnati. While he gets the care he needs, they will call our House “home.” Here is what they want you to know:

Kyle was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in March of 2020 and began treatment close to home in northeast Ohio. After discussing Kyle’s prognosis with the director of the neuroblastoma program at Cincinnati Children’s, we immediately transferred Kyle’s care. For the past year, Kyle has been receiving cutting-edge cancer treatment at Cincinnati Children’s.

Then came the goodbyes and a turn for the worse.

The first six months of Kyle’s treatment went relatively smoothly with us traveling back and forth from home to Cincinnati. In August, we left home, saying goodbye to Kyle’s older sister Sarah and little brother Owen, amongst others. We thought we’d be gone for a few months. After Kyle’s second stem cell transplant in October, he went into acute respiratory failure. Kyle was placed on an oscillator ventilator with 100% oxygen support.

During this time the Ronald McDonald House welcomed us “home.” Kyle miraculously recovered from respiratory failure and has continued on with his rigorous cancer treatment.

The caring hearts and generosity of the Ronald McDonald House have brought us comfort and light during some of our darkest days. Thank you, Ronald McDonald House, for homemade meals, soft beds, warm smiles and unwavering support as our son courageously fights childhood cancer.

We are hopeful that the finish line is in sight and this journey will come to an end this summer. We will be forever grateful for our home away from home, built by love.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Jason, Brittany, and Kyle

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