Guest mom Taylor was looking for a sign that her baby boy would be alright. Just after checking in to our House, that sign came and brought her to tears. She explains:

“We left our home in Greenville, South Carolina and drove to Florida and then to Cincinnati to fight for our baby and give him the best possible chance of survival. For six months, we watched him take two steps forward and sometimes five steps back! But since Landon was born, we have continued to fight! We’ve gone through days filled with joy and days where it didn’t seem like we could keep going. We left behind our feeling of comfort and familiarity that we’ve gained back since making our way to Florida.

After being in a hotel for the past week, and the hospital’s sleep room, we found out that the Ronald McDonald House had a room for us! With excitement, we rushed over, signed in and did our tour. As we were getting ready to leave, I opened the welcome bag from RMH! Inside was a handmade quilt. The quilt had Nemo on it. Nemo. Landon’s favorite toy. Nemo. What we’ve called Landon’s little lung. His “Nemo lung.”

I was immediately in tears over this and took it as a sign that everything was going to be okay!

We got this quilt a few days before Landon’s full repair on his heart. I loved it then and I love it even more now because of the cute kid playing on it. The House and staff were amazing! It was a great home away from home the six weeks we were there for our Landon’s recovery.”

On behalf of all of us at Cincinnati’s Ronald McDonald House, thank you for giving moms like Taylor moments of relief when they need it most.

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