When Shay traveled to Cincinnati from Alabama for life-saving care for her daughter, Skylier, she never anticipated being far from home for so long. In March 2021, Skylier received a liver transplant, but complications, including cancer in her intestines, meant that Skylier, her mom, and her grandmother would live at our House for 224 nights. But their long stay meant that they could form life-long bonds with other families that knew just what they were going through. Here’s what Shay had to say about their experience:

“Skylier’s a fighter. She’s brave. She is a strong little girl who carries a lot of people. And I’m thankful for that. It hurts my heart because I hate to see little kids just going through so much. It’s hard, but you  have to keep the motivation going, not just for yourself, but for your kids also.

While we were here, Skylier met Adria. It was like, right then and there, they knew that they were just the same. Both had liver transplants and were around the same age. After that, every time we split apart for the night, they both got so upset and cried. It’s wonderful that my daughter met her little friend because she was lonely. She never used to play with other kids. Due to her condition, this is the first time she ever played with anybody.

We couldn’t have done this without Cincinnati’s Ronald McDonald House. They gave us a place to stay and meals to eat and more. They do everything and they let you know that anything you need, they have it for you. We are just very grateful for this House. We thank you for donating because every family here needs help and we appreciate it. It warms my heart. “

You can be the reason sick children like Skylier have what they need to overcome not only critical illness, but the loneliness that can come from being sick and far from home.

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