After giving birth via a crash Caesarean at a Cincinnati area hospital, Waylon was transported to Cincinnati Children’s to receive specialized care in their NICU.

I had visited the house during my school years to donate pop tabs through a college readiness program that visited RMHC yearly, so I was familiar with it when my family was notified that we were eligible to stay at the House by the patient/family advocates and social workers.

Participating in Waylon’s daily care and being present for him was extremely important to me after Waylon’s birth.  Waylon was transported to CCHMC just as I was moved out of recovery from his birth and upon his arrival there, Waylon was immediately placed on a cooling pad. That meant no one could hold him for three days.

Staying at the House allowed me to rest as comfortably as I possibly could at night and I was just a short walk away from the NICU. I was able spend each day with Waylon while my husband and family were at work. I couldn’t walk far for the first couple of weeks after the c-section, so being so close to the hospital was so helpful. It also meant I didn’t have to worry about a long commute home. We could spend so much more time with him during his 23-day stay in the NICU.

I would want people who donate to RMHC to know that their donations hold more than monetary value. Waylon is my first child. Without the services that the Ronald McDonald House provides, I’m sure that my family’s experience would have been much more difficult to manage than it already was.  Those who donate to RMHC allowed us to spend more time with Waylon while he was in the NICU, provided us with warm meals, a comforting place to stay, and gave me the peace of mind that I was just a short walk away from Waylon at night.

We are so thankful for RMHC and all the services they provide.  I hope that all who donate to RHMC truly take the time to think about the lasting impact that their donations will have for families like mine.

Thank you for everything,

Summer, Waylon’s mom

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