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Thank you for your interest in hosting a community fundraiser to benefit Cincinnati’s Ronald McDonald House, where we offer a community of compassion, support and the comforts of home to families with critically ill children, steps away from the medical care they need. We’re grateful for your support of our mission!

All groups interested in hosting a community fundraiser for our House should review our Guidelines and register your event using the form below. This ensures that we can answer any questions that you have and offer you support along the way. For questions, contact Shawnie Dukes, our Community Development Manager, at 513-559-4622 or

Community fundraisers play a critical role in our ability to serve thousands of families each year. In order to provide adequate success for this program, we must approve all events at least 30 days in advance. This enables us to ensure that the event and its promotion are in line with our mission and brand standards. It also allows us to identify any potential conflicts that may limit the success of your event. Please note: All groups must obtain approval prior to advertising or holding an event.

To register your event, simply fill out the form below. Once complete, you will be contacted by a Ronald McDonald House staff member to review your registration and provide any necessary guidance or support. Please do not promote or advertise your event until you have been contacted by one of our staff members.

Once your event is complete, you may mail your check to our House or come by our House for a tour! We’d love to show you how the money you’ve raised will make a difference in the lives of our guest families.

Ronald McDonald House Charities is a globally recognized charity and is under licensing agreements and restrictions. We have a set of standards that must be followed for any group raising funds on our behalf. We ask that you read and agree to the following fundraiser guidelines to assure clear communication between you and the House, and to help ensure the success of your event.

For purposes of these guidelines, “you,” “your” means the organization, organizing group or individual(s) sponsoring or hosting the event. “We,” “us,” “our,” “House” means Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati.

  1. Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati will not knowingly engage in any activity that encroaches upon our mission to serve families of critically ill children. All events and activities should complement the mission and image of our charity. Your fundraiser will not encourage or promote the use of tobacco or firearms, or the promotion of products that do not support the health and well-being of children.
  2. You are responsible for the planning of the event, including sponsorships, insurance, permits, expenses, publicity, etc. Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati will assist as staff time permits and is available for guidance.
  3. Prior to production or distribution, we must review and approve all promotional materials including, advertising, letters, brochures, flyers and press releases. Please email draft materials to
  4. We must be notified in writing if there are any significant changes to the event once it has been approved. If circumstances warrant, we may, at any time, direct you to cancel the event. You must agree to cancel the event, if so directed, and further agree to release our House and its officers, directors, employees and volunteers from any and all liability in connection with any such action.
  5. In order to provide your donors with important information concerning their contribution, we ask that all promotional materials clearly state the exact percentage of the net proceeds and/or the exact portion of the ticket price that will benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati (for example: 50% of proceeds from the sale of books benefit the House). If our House is not the sole beneficiary of your event, you must explicitly state the percentage that will be given to each.
  6. Per your request, RHMC will make every effort to support your event in the following ways:
    • A letter of authorization to validate the authenticity of the fundraising event;
    • Provide written materials explaining the mission and services of RMHC;
    • Distribute information about your event (provided by you) to our staff and volunteers;
    • Provide a link to a video presentation about the House;
    • While we cannot guarantee participation, we will make an effort to send a House representative to attend your event if request is received at least four weeks prior to the event;
    • Schedule a private tour of our House upon your request (tour groups limited to 20 people or less);
  7. Events must comply with all federal, state and local laws governing charitable fundraising and gift reporting. Written tax receipts will be provided to donors who make checks payable directly to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati.
  8. Your event organizer or representatives may not state or imply that he/she (or the organization) is an agent, subsidiary or partner or that it holds any other business relationship with Ronald McDonald House Charities. All Community Fundraising events must be promoted in a manner to avoid statement or appearance of our charity endorsing any product, firm, organization or service.
  9. You are not permitted to use our tax exemption in any manner or as part of the promotion of your event. You are not able to represent to the public that you enjoy any tax exempt rights or privileges as a result of your role in the event, nor will you state that any portion of the purchase price for any goods or services at the event is tax deductible for charity purposes.
  10. We have made a commitment to our stakeholders that we do not sell or provide others with our donor, volunteer or staff mailing lists. Thus, we can neither provide you with this information, nor can we solicit sponsors for your fundraising event.
  11. Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati will not provide funding or reimbursement of expenses. Revenues or expenses from your event cannot flow through our bank accounts, nor are you able to set up a bank account in our name. Only the net proceeds from the event or activity should be received by our House.
  12. You may not keep any portion of the proceeds as profit or compensation for organizing the event.
  13. Proceeds should be presented to RMHC – Greater Cincinnati no more than 30 days following the event by mail or delivery to Ronald McDonald House of Greater Cincinnati, Attention: Shawnie Dukes, 341 Erkenbrecher Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229.

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