Frequently Asked Questions

Your group will see a virtual tour of our House when you first arrive. Due to the size of our House, it is difficult to take a tour and prepare the meals on time. If you would like a tour, please let our staff know and we will do our best to accommodate you. That will more than likely mean your group will need to come in earlier or stay later.

Yes, once all guest families have been through the serving line, meal volunteers are welcome to serve themselves and join our families in the dining area. While the dining area will have many siblings and families enjoying the meal, the majority of patients are either inpatient at Cincinnati Children’s or, due to their treatment protocol, are isolated to their room in the House.

Of course! Pictures in our common areas or grounds are welcome. Out of respect for their privacy, photos of our guest families are not permitted without their written consent.

The time and energy you are putting towards your Taste of Hope meal is already a wonderful gift to our families! However, if you would like to bring an additional item, we ask that there are enough for each of our 177 rooms. To protect the health of the children, we are unable to accept previously used items. All items must be new and unopened.

Our Taste of Hope program has been specially designed to offer our guest families nutritious meals that best meet the needs of those who stay here. Meal plans are created to ensure families have a balanced diet throughout the week. Therefore, individuals who wish to prepare a meal must do so following our menu and prepare it at the House. We are unable to accept meals prepared in a home kitchen.

If you are a restaurant or catering company that would like to serve a meal, please contact us at 513-559-4633.

Due to the number of generous groups and companies that support our Taste of Hope program, Ronald McDonald House is unable to contact the media regarding a particular meal. Individual groups are welcome to reach out to the media, but we ask that you please inform us that you have reached out to them so we can be sure we can provide you and the media the best support during your time here.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our guest families by providing a Taste of Hope! For questions, please contact our team at or 513.559.4633.