Milestone Cards


Put your heart and creativity into something unique and special! By printing off our milestone templates and adding special colors and details, you are not only providing a way for our families to celebrate these moments with their critically ill children, but you are reminding them that people they haven’t met care about them. Follow the simple instructions below to get started!
illustrated Ronald McDonald family room icon


  1. Download one or both of the files below.
  2. Print in:
    • A landscape layout
    • Single-sided
    • In color
    • On 8 ½ x 11 CARDSTOCK paper
  3. Decorate the margins according to the instructions listed below under Decorating.
  4. Place your finished milestone cards in a large plastic bag.
  5. Deliver them to: Ronald McDonald House of Greater Cincinnati: 341 Erkenbrecher Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229


(See below for examples!)
  • You can use crayons, markers, colored pencils or even paint to decorate the cards!
  • Please do NOT put anything inside the center shape. This shape is for the family to add their own message when they are taking their picture with the card. Every family is unique and will be celebrating their own unique milestones, so we want to keep the center shape clear for them to personalize!
  • Please do NOT decorate by writing any words on the card. The decorations should be shapes, colors, and/or drawings.
  • Please do NOT color or decorate the back of these cards.
We can’t wait to see how these turn out. Please know that our families will cherish these cards as much as we would in our own homes. Thank you for thinking of them and supporting them in this way!
illustrated icon of play blocks, representing a play room

Option 1

Decorate around these shapes!

illustrated icon of a health-related pamphlet

Option 2

More shapes and backgrounds to color!

Make a Difference for Families & Children

Parents don’t know when their children will need medical help. But they should know they can always access the care they need. And with your help, we can support them all throughout their journey.