Why volunteer with us?

Time is a gift. We want you to know that giving your time to help the guest families living in our House is one of the most valuable ways you can spend it. But don’t take our word for it, hear from our very own volunteers!


Why Volunteer?

“I love that my work at the House helps others. Others whose lives are beyond complicated and stressful because of a child in distress. One morning, super early, a mom came into the kitchen for coffee. She came in wearing PJ bottoms, slippers, a sweatshirt and clearly had just stumbled to the kitchen after arising. She poured coffee and stood quietly sipping it. After each sip, I heard her softly say, “ahhh.” So that’s it. If I can come in, make coffee, restock breakfast items and spruce the kitchen up to make it inviting, it makes her morning just a little easier. It’s that simple. Sign me up!”


Why Volunteer?

“I help prepare and serve meals to the guests. I have met people from around the world and this also gives them a chance to talk to someone new. It is so rewarding to do something for others. The families staying here have traveled to Cincinnati from all over the world to get much needed medical care for their children. It is so important to help relieve some stress from the families. My son was in surgery at Children’s Hospital when he was 4 hours old. I understand the stress you are under not knowing what the future brings, and I had the support of families and friends close by.”


Why Volunteer?

“When I moved from Costa Rica to Cincinnati with my husband five years ago, I wanted something to do with my free time. I love RMH, I can feel the love that the staff have for the families and also for the volunteers. You can feel the love in every corner of the House and the smile of the people who serve there. It’s a special place that makes you feel included. Also, to volunteer together with senior volunteers makes me want to work harder and follow their steps, they are a good example to follow. Every person does special work every day to help a lot of families.”