Thank you for providing a Taste of Hope to our critically ill children and their families. Please use the secure form below to book the date for your meal. After submitting this information, you will be automatically directed to a payment page so you can make your donation. Your booking is not complete until payment is made.

Lunch: $350 donation

Dinner/Brunch: $500 donation

If you are unable to make a payment immediately or you need to book multiple meals, please contact our Food and Fun team at They will assist you in reserving your meal times.

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For meals taking place on July 1, 2020 or later, groups will make a tax-deductible contribution in the amount of:

  1. $350 for weekday lunch
  2. $500 for weekend brunch
  3. $500 for all dinners

If you would like to select additional dates, please do so with the calendar below.

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